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5G network deployments require a more efficient approach from mobile operators in OPEX cost, due to the power consumption in 5g network elements.

3G data traffic is decreasing every day, as new LTE smartphone penetration is increased in the market. So there is an opportunity to analyze if it’s convenient to use 3G spectrum (and network equipment) for LTE expansions, or even 2G expansions in some areas that require more capacity for voice services meanwhile VoLTE is deployed and fully accepted in all terminals in the market.

Is the “3g network shutting down” the best strategic movement in 2020? Mostly 2G networks around the world have operated for over 20 decades. 3G networks now are about ten years old. Now it looks like the power down of 3G legacy network equipment its necessary to save energy. Also the hardware re-utilization from 3G un-used capacity it’s very useful on this evolution.