Gartner Buys ‘Quora on Steroids for the Enterprise’, Senexx

  • Gartner, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry, has acquired Senexx, a cloud-based questions and answers platform that identifies and manages expertise within organizations. Senexx, which bills itself a “Quora on steroids for the enterprise,” via its SolvePath solution provides products to help enterprises build their own knowledge bases. SolvePath, a cloud-based question-and-answer tool that pulls in employee interactions and automatically generates queries and answers without any duplicates.

  • Gartner said it will leverage Senexx’s proven expertise to significantly enhance its web search capability and augment its content recommendation engine and proprietary social platforms. 

We have a high regard for the intellectual property and business Senexx has built since it was founded in 2011. We will work with Senexx’s talented leadership team to invest in the development of their innovative platform to benefit our clients while minimizing disruption to their business throughout the integration process.” 

– Gene Hall, CEO, Gartner

Senexx improves productivity by identifying individuals with specific knowledge and experience in a particular subject to help organizations answer questions, solve problems and realize new opportunities. We are excited to accelerate the growth of our platform and products, in addition to applying our proven capability to help Gartner deliver greater service to its clients. We are very grateful for the initial help and support we received from Techstars and UpWest Labs who were instrumental in our early success

–  Zeevi Michel, Founder and CEO, Senexx

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