Huawei Global Supply Chain Goes Green

Huawei Global Supply Chain Goes Green

Huawei on Monday announces plans to promote a greener supply chain, making its end-to-end operations more environmentally sustainable. Huawei has published its 2013 Sustainability Report, highlighting the reduction of its own energy consumption by a further 42 million kWh in 2013, the equivalent of avoiding an additional 38,000 tons of carbon emissions. The Chinese telecom equiment maker has launched a pilot scheme covering 24 suppliers and plans to extend to cover more suppliers gradually.

Huawei said its sustainability strategy is built on four pillars: bridging the digital divide, supporting stable and secure network operations, promoting environmental protection, and seeking win-win development. It has since brought down the power consumption of the new network equipment in 2013 between 10-40% lower than 2012.

For Huawei, it is not enough to be commercially successful. We strongly feel that we must make social contributions in the 170 countries worldwide where we operate and be committed to minimizing our own carbon footprint as well as that of our customers and supply chain partners. We are also proud that we maintained network availability during almost 200 critical events and natural disasters during the year. We want a world where broadband is available to all, where full connectivity is enabled between people, between people and things, and between things. We know that Internet access changes people’s lives, opening up knowledge, education, and career opportunities. Huawei will continue to collaborate with customers, partners, and other stakeholders to help bridge the digital divide.”

–   Alex Deng, Chairman of the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee, Huawei

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