Mathias Thomsen Takes the Helm at Fogg Mobile, the Service Creation Factory for IoT

Mathias Thomsen Takes the Helm at Fogg Mobile, the Service Creation Factory for IoT

Fogg Mobile, a US based company that provides customers the platform for development and rollout of internet-based services, has recently appointed Mathis Thomsen as its new CEO, replacing Carl-Magnus Stenberg who will continue as the company’s chairman of the board. Fogg, known as a ‘service creation factory’ in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) space, has been delivering custom-build solutions, covering device, connectivity, subscriber management and customer support for its clients.

According to Fogg, Thomsen brings with him more than 15 years of experience in the telecoms industry. Thomsen co-founded Kinnevik’s ProcureITRight, a leading procurement management company and was also a partner at AppliedValue, a management consultant company. Prior to his CEO position in Fogg, Thomsen acted its chairman. Thomsen has also served as a consultant to various service providers around the world.

In its statement, Fogg said that the company, which got its big break-through in October last year after Hewlett Packard choose it as the exclusive partner for the development and rollout of their service ”HP DataPass” on a global level, is now targeting expansion in other countries including the United States, Colombia, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia.

The Fogg journey began by providing consumers with free Internet access on their tablets which spanned across borders. This led to a partnership with one of the world’s biggest companies, where together we created a global data network. There is tremendous strength in Fogg with a mix of knowledge and experience from telecom veterans and innovative creativity from young talent. This, combined with great loyalty within the team, creates a very strong foundation and we have huge potential to continue growing.”

–   Mathias Thomsen, CEO, Fogg Mobile

Mathias joined the Fogg journey at the very beginning and has been instrumental in obtaining the market position we occupy today. I feel extremely confident handing over the operation of the business to him. I will continue to have an active role in the company, whilst Fogg benefits from the new lease of energy the newly appointed CEO will bring”.

–  Carl-Magnus Stenberg, chairman and former CEO, Fogg Mobile

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