NetBoss Buys Ventraq’s Business Analytics Portfolio

NetBoss Technologies has acquired the Ventraq Business Analytics (BIAS) technology assets, product portfolio, and associated intellectual property. 

Netboss said that the acquisition is the company’s most strategic move to date, playing a central role in the recently announced ‘NetBoss.Now’ portfolio transformation initiative. Under the transformation program, the Ventraq BIAS product line has been integrated with the NetBoss Correlation Engine, Executive Dashboard, and open API integration capabilities in order to drive a new “right-time correlated network analytics” product line known as NetBoss ‘Intelligence.Now’.

We are very excited to be adding the Ventraq BIAS analytics capability to our portfolio. Through our NetBoss Manage.IT, NetBoss XT, NetBoss Performance, and StateWise product lines, we have always understood the network. By doing advanced correlation with the BSS, primarily CRM, Billing, and SLA Management, and overlaying Ventraq BIAS’ massive parallel processing (MPP) analytics capabilities, we can relate everything happening on the network to the customer experience being generated, the business processes underway, and the performance impact to the services being delivered. We then correlate those items to derive the financial impacts, good or bad. Finally CSPs can understand everything about how their business is operating including what’s happening, who’s impacted, who’s working on it, what’s being done about it, what the status is, and how much money it’s generating or costing–everything.”

–  Jim Odom, President and Chief Executive Officer, NetBoss Technologies

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