Cisco Completes $3.7 Billion Acquisition of AppDynamics

Cisco Completes $3.7 Billion Acquisition of AppDynamics

Cisco announced that it has completed the acquisition of of cloud application and business monitoring provider AppDynamics for $3.7 billion. Together, Cisco and AppDynamics will deliver visibility across the network, data center, security and applications and drive digital transformation that improves customer experiences.

As digital experiences get simpler for consumers, they get more complex for companies trying to stay ahead of customer expectations. The rise of connected devices, distributed architectures, and multi-clouds have increased the complexity of application environments. Companies need insight into the health of every application and every transaction in order to keep up with the pace of change.

AppDynamics empowers some of the world’s largest customers to digitally transform themselves faster and with more confidence. With AppDynamics, enterprises can watch every line of code and understand its impact on user experience and application performance, while providing real-time insight into the digital business.

Together with AppDynamics, Cisco said it will now be able to offer intelligence, correlation and insights at every level of the infrastructure, security and application. This will enable customers to make more informed IT decisions and improve business results.

David Wadhwani, CEO, AppDynamics
In a digital world, the user experience, application, and business are converged and inseparable. AppDynamics sits at this intersection monitoring the impact of every line of code on business outcomes.

Rowan Trollope, SVP and GM, IoT and Applications, Cisco 
We acquired AppDynamics because they are a market leader in a category that will be a cornerstone for how enterprises drive their business forward. Together, AppDynamics and Cisco will be the only company that can deliver complete visibility spanning from the infrastructure to application to end user.

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