Sony’s connected wearable and tracking devices connect people and things

Sony’s connected wearable and tracking devices connect people and things


  • Sony Network Communications Europe describe their smart IoT services to monitor assets ranging from cargo to patients, increasing mobility and improving reliability and efficiency.

  • Telenor Connexion provides the SIM cards and the global managed IoT connectivity, powered by Ericsson IoT Accelerator.

Sony is passionate about creativity and technology and offers everything from movies to audio and games – but also products and solutions to the professional market.

Sony Network Communications Europe focuses on connectivity solutions and offers IoT cellular platforms such as Visilion and mSafety, providing cellular connectivity and wearable tracking devices.

Visilion is an advanced tracking solution for logistics and healthcare. With the use of sensors, Visilion is a real-time positioning system of anything that is connected. It can include logistics to track cargo, assets or people. With cellular connectivity technologies ranging from 2G to 4G and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) to Cat-M1, the solution can switch seamlessly between indoor and outdoor tracking with data and updates from cloud-based services.

With Visilion, this is an example of the true value of cellular connectivity. Devices can be tracked everywhere with different cellular technologies and are energy efficient with a long battery life.  The quality of the network signal and coverage are key to provide location accuracy and precision. In the backend, data is collected and sensor data can thereby be transformed into actionable insights – serving the higher purpose for customers.  

mSafety is a platform that combines a low-complexity user-friendly wearable with a secure cloud backend solution. This purpose-built wearable device has a built-in eSIM that relies on cellular connectivity technologies such as LTE, NB-IoT or Cat-M1.

Roaming services play an important role to provide access to the network in multiple countries. For a positive user experience, the connection quality to the network is imperative. Aside from alerting, for example, emergency services, mSafety is a communications hub providing data on health, and wellness data such as heart rate and body temperature.

Use cases include the healthcare and wellness sector to monitor and track the user remotely. In a Search and Rescue system, the wearable tracking device is supported by SafeTrx, an application targeted to outdoor adventurers such as kite surfers who might find themselves in a distressed situation and need to contact the Coast Guard – a service provided by mSafety customer 8West Consulting.

Telenor Connexion, a long term Ericsson partner in IoT, provides the global, cellular IoT connectivity management services, using Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator.

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