My API Story: Data Intensive APIs

Though there has been a global proliferation of data stemming from increasing technology innovation and usage, but the sheer volume and resulting complexities mean that many organizations struggle to effectively utilize any it. Herfini Haryono, VP of Industry Verticals, OmniSci,talks to us about how the company has endeavoured to step beyond the limits of mainstream analytics tools by using TM Forum’s Open APIs to provide clients with real time operational insights pulled from vast datasets.

Herfini Haryono, VP of Industry Verticals, OmniSci

Tell us about yourself and your job.

I lead OmniSci’s go-to-market focus on several verticals, including telecom. The OmniSci platform is used in business and government to find insights in data beyond the limits of mainstream analytics tools. The OmniSci platform can query, filter, and visualize billions of rows of data in milliseconds. Major telecom companies rely on OmniSci to get speed-of-thought answers to critical operational questions, from ever-growing volumes of data.

Why do you believe in TM Forum’s Open API program?

Open APIs build markets and unlock critical value for CSPs by connecting systems and encouraging interoperability. TM Forum’s Open API program is an excellent example of how to do it right.

What TM Forum Open APIs are most valuable to your company?

OmniSci is a platform for joining, querying, and visualizing large datasets. OmniSci users see value in a number of data-intensive TM Forum Open APIs to pull data from their systems into OmniSci for speed-of-thought analysis and decision making. The TMF628 Performance Management API and TMF666 Account Management API, are two examples.

Why did you choose to highlight those APIs?

Our platform is most relevant to APIs that provide access to large datasets, the results of which are typically joined with other data, to provide operational insights. Both the Performance Management and Account Management APIs provide that kind of data access.

How do you use the APIs?

Our users employ these APIs to pull data from their existing systems into OmniSci’s accelerated analytics platform. This can be implemented as a one-time ingestion from their data at rest, or with ongoing updates, to give the user near-real-time access to all their data. Our users will typically pull data from multiple sources, using multiple APIs, and combine that data for deeper insight, either by joining tables using python or SQL, or by visualizing the multiple datasets on a single chart.

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