Nokia CDO Bhaskar Gorti: Remote working is ‘the new normal’

Bhaskar Gorti, President of Nokia Software and Chief Digital Officer of Nokia, discusses the company’s priorities in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, whether remote working is the new normal and how TM Forum’s training program is helping to upskill Nokia staff.

Gorti says he believes remote working is here to stay: “I think this is going to be the new normal. I think many of us are re-evaluating how much do we need to travel? Especially if you are in businesses like ours of pure software, we have the flexibility to do a lot of things remotely, a lot of things through automation, a lot of things through zero-touch.”

As a result of the pandemic, Nokia has implemented a new program called Different Times Call for Different Initiatives (DTDI) which focuses on four key pillars:

  • Security of the network
  • Scaling of the network
  • Simulation of new business models for customers
  • Preparing for new ways of working

Security is especially important. “It was a big topic before, but I think in terms of network security, device security, user security it is only going to go up,” Gorti explains. “Automatic detection and action is going to become a big factor moving forward.”

Improving skills

With a reduction in travel, Nokia is putting a focus on education and improving employees’ work lives and skills. The company is offering employees training in several TM Forum Fundamentals courses covering Frameworx, the Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs, with a goal of training more than 1,000 people in the software division to start.

“I am a very strong believer that the one ingredient that separates success from failure is talent,” Gorti says. “So we saw this ahead, that we could use this opportunity to give our employees more tools and more in terms of training courses.”

He adds: “It’s not just R&D folks who are getting trained; it’s our services people and our pre-sales people, because it is helping us communicate in a more unified way with our customers.”

Watch the full conversation between Gorti and TM Forum CEO Nik Willetts above.

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