Spark New Zealand increases speed to market and reduces costs with CSG

Sponsored by: CSG

In the last several years, Spark – New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and digital services company – has undergone intense transformation. The company rebranded and changed its name (from Telecom New Zealand), reengineered its internal IT systems, restructured into an Agile organization, and reinforced its commitment to lead with wireless services.

Leveraging CSG’s industry expertise and convergent charging and billing solution, Spark embarked on a three-year journey in 2013 to rebuild its internal IT systems to improve time to market and reduce OpEx.  And in 2018, the close relationship between the two was key when Spark embraced a company-wide Agile methodology to improve market responsiveness and increase employee engagement.

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In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • How Spark uses CSG solutions to quickly offer new products without needing new code
  • How Spark benefits from reduced costs and improved time to market
  • How CSG and Spark work better together with an Agile approach

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