MVNOs and MVNEs: Truly cloud-native BSS on the public cloud is YOUR key to success

In the face of fierce competition, digital lifestyle, and new business opportunities, time to market can make or break an MVNO or a sub-brand. At the same time, managing complex enterprise software and underlying infrastructure can slow your agility and ability to respond to market demands. This can increase your overall financial investments and risks dramatically.

On July 29, Optiva will host a webinar featuring Mariano de Osma, Cuy Móvil CEO. He will share his company’s vision and discuss how Cuy, a digitally-savvy MVNO based in Peru, leverages Optiva’s cloud-native BSS to address its dynamic market.

This webinar is for MVNOs and MNOs looking to scale their MVNE/wholesale business. We will review three key criteria needed for a successful MVNO or MVNE:

  1. Having a full BSS suite with all the functionality required to empower mobile subscribers — learn what stands behind an end-to-end solution, the monetization options, and the customer experience you can offer.
  2. Running natively on the public cloud to launch fast and provide agility and flexibility while also tapping aggregated experience from the telco industry and innovation from consumer-related verticals; and
  3. Having full end to end accountability from the vendor providing the solution as a service. With that, you can get worry-free operations, allowing you to focus on your customers.

Optiva BSS Platform offers an end-to-end solution and services that help MNVOs and sub-brands launch in as little as 90 days and stay ahead of the market. The platform delivers ongoing agility and the flexibility to launch new marketing plans while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership.

Join us for the webinar Fast-Track Your MVNO Launch in 90 Days with BSS on the Public Cloud to get your questions answered and learn about proven results.

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